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10 ways to take care of the mind

There are many events that often affect our mind. whether it works loss of a lover Outbreak of COVID-19. Or even poisoning the economy, so taking care of the mind is something that must be done. First in order to prop myself up through stories the best The Department of Mental Health has

benefits of coconut water

Who knew What are the benefits of coconut water besides just quenching thirst in the summer? In hot weather like this, it would be good if we could get a cool coconut water. But not hot weather Coconut water is still everyone’s favorite fruit anyway. With a sweet taste drink and

What symptoms of dust mite allergy? with treatment.

What symptoms of dust mite allergy? with treatment. This article Bioderma will take you to know. What are the symptoms of dust mite allergy rash? What is the cause? with ways to prevent and treat allergies to itchy dust. What are the symptoms of allergy to dust mites?  Dust mite

Salmon with 5 benefits and dangers 

Salmon with 5 benefits and dangers  Salmon is one of the most popular foods nowadays and is a protein-rich food. Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals that are essential to the body. But sometimes eating too much salmon. May cause exposure to mercury that causes harm to health, such as