‘Messi’ regrets his bad behavior in the Turbine Defeat game

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Lionel Messi admits he doesn’t like his behavior In the game Argentina faces the Netherlands at the World Cup,

“Blue-White” faces the “Orange Knights” in the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Qatar. which they won on penalties. After a tie at the time with a score of 2-2

, Messi’s behavior in the game was highly discussed. When he appeared to protect his ears at Louis van Gaal after scoring the second goal of the game,

however, Messi admitted that everything happened according to the mood of the game. And he himself did not like that behavior at all.

“The truth is no. [I wasn’t prepared to do that], I didn’t like it,” he said in an interview with Andy Kusnetsoff.

“It happened all of a sudden and yes, I know what he said before the game. Some of my teammates deliberately told me that. ‘Did you see what he said?'”

“We were 2-0 up and at the time I didn’t like what I did and what happened after that. It was a very nervous and stressful time. Everything happened very quickly. And you don’t have time to think about anything.” the UFABET report

“Actually, I didn’t plan it. It happened suddenly. and as i said That’s not the image I wanted to happen at

all. In fact, there have been many incidents on the field with this player and many others

. Including the boil because of the referee I was in the mix zone and just finished the game, but still, I know it’s all over.