Ince reveals that Caicedo is crazy, believes Liverpool won’t compete for the price

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Former Liverpool midfielder Paul Ince believes Moises Caicedo ‘s asking price is too high in the transfer market. While it is believed that their former team will not spend that much money to win the team for sure, according to reports from the UFABET .

Brighton have recently rejected a £55m offer from Chelsea and £ 60m from Arsenal for the 21-year-old. At the latest, there is news that he may end up with The Gunners after Mikel Arteta added a new offer of £70m on the deadline day of the transfer window.

However, Ince thinks the cost of Caicedo and current players is too high and he believes Liverpool are unlikely to have that much funding even if they are looking for a new midfielder.

“You have to respect that Brighton have been recruiting players over the last few years they just sold Mark Cucuella to Chelsea for £60m and are now looking to buy players. It’s going to be Caicedo, who no one had ever named him last year, while the Premier League’s trio were scrambling to get his signature.

“Sir Alex Ferguson will take a few years to look at players before they buy them to make sure they are ready to sign for Manchester United . One season playing well can cost £60 million. It’s crazy and it’s only going to get worse.

“I don’t think there’s a way that Liverpool are going to spend £100 million, I can’t see them going to do that. But they still need to buy a new midfielder anyway,” said Ince.