Football legend dances after news of Jorginho joining Arsenal

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Former Premier League forward Paul Merson has reacted with excitement after hearing news his former club had completed the signing of Chelsea midfielder Jorginho before closing time. January market, according to a report from The UFABET.

the gunners Surprised fans with a £12million bid to bring the Italian forward from Chelsea on the final day of the transfer window. While they have news for Moises Caiseido in the past few days

Merson admitted to Sky Sports that he was delighted to see Arsenal bring in one of the Premier League’s best midfielders.

“I think it’s great. You are buying experienced Jorginho players. He’s already a big champion, a decent holding midfielder. When you’re talking about two years ago he won the UEFA Champions League and won the Euros with Italy. You’re probably wondering why England haven’t been able to produce players like this and two years later he’s moving to Arsenal.

“He’s a genius. He can protect the back four and pass the ball to Odegaard, Saka and Martinelli. For me he is a great signing and he knows the game very well. He knows he won’t play every week and if everyone is fit he won’t play. But he will bring experience and calm to the team. He never panicks when he has the ball and for me this deal is very reasonable, only £12m,” said Merson.