Anthony to focus on creating impact rather than showing off skills.

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Former Dutchman Rafael van der Vaart has warned Anthony to make the difference in the game. Rather than focusing on show style

The Brazilian moved from Ajax Amsterdam to Manchester United for £80m last summer. Expectations were high for him. Along with Reading,

however, Farth still thinks that Anthony puts too much emphasis on showing skill. The player should instead focus on making a difference in the game.

“Do you know what it is with Antony… He is, of course, a great talent and a great player, but he shouldn’t believe in himself very much.

“He’s just a good player who hasn’t proven anything yet.

“I do like a show, but only when I can. Of course, you have to have that feeling.”

The comments by the ex-Tottenham midfielder were reminiscent of comments surrounding a former young United winger Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo was frequently dubbed a show pony with no end product in his early days.

“You know what Anthony is like, he’s definitely a great player and very talented. But he shouldn’t be so confident in himself. He’s just a good player. That hasn’t proven anything yet,” he told UFABET Sport .

“He has done well in the Champions League for quite some time. He deserves a place in the Brazil national team sometimes. He’s made a big move and hasn’t done much at Manchester United. He shouldn’t think that. ‘I can do it. And I’m going to show the world by doing something crazy’ ′′

No, he has to decide the game like Marcus Rashford does now and then do something like that. But he had to be very humble. and try very hard to shoot or pass the ball.