10 ways to take care of the mind

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There are many events that often affect our mind. whether it works loss of a lover Outbreak of COVID-19. Or even poisoning the economy, so taking care of the mind is something that must be done. First in order to prop myself up through stories the best

The Department of Mental Health has advice on 10 ways to take care of your mind. Whether it’s consciousness encourage yourself Practice breathing to relieve stress exercise. These methods can easily be apply to daily life. ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

  1. be confident Look at every problem that has a solution.
  2. If feeling discouraged Find a source of encouragement for yourself, including love, bonding with family members. religious faith having valuable life goals The belief that the problem will pass…and it will get better. seeing the good things in life
  3. Practice breathing to relieve stress. and other relaxing skills
  4. get enough sleep At least 6-8 hours a day
  5. talk to close people don’t think alone help each other to discuss Turn problems into opportunities to build close relationships.
  6. exercise regularly as much as the environment allows At least 30 minutes every other day
  7. Study and practice religious doctrines.
  8. Look for opportunities to help others. Participate in community activities
  9. rethink good things in life on a daily basis
  10. Tackle problems one step at a time. do what you can Create a small sense of accomplishment from what you do, not get bogged down in unsolvable problems. avoid using alcohol or drugs to manage stress and distress